Nov 4, 2023

👑✡️😱 (Bibi, King of Israel is Hamas, Hamas is Israel - they're one and the same) Q - we're saving Israel for last? Why doesn't the Q-generals and Trump + off-worlders stop the genocide? ~ Nov 4, 2023 ~ |

Bibi Netanyahu is the Operational Head of the Khazarian Mafia - Prepare For Change

'There are none so blind as those who will not see: The U.S. and 14 other countries voted against the truce, while 45 countries voted to abstain Friday. 120 countries voted in favor of the humanitarian truce (what does that tell you?)' ~ SoTW

FREE GUY:  According to my Higher Self (H-S) what we see as "Benjamin Netanyahu" is the original and genuine Bibi (not a clone, doppelganger or CGI). Because, no one on Earth is so Evil. Bibi, has been rumored for many years as the Operational Head of the Khazarian Mafia. He's Douglas Powers, commonly known as Dr. Evil, in disguise. My H-S told me, that he vows to 'change Middle East' by invading all the neighbour countries as of; Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria (and of course the Palestinian territories of West Bank and the Gaza Strip). Just remember, Egypt's Suez Canal revenue hits $7 billion record peak alone. Not to mention, the oil and natural ressources in the region. Saudi Arabia alone, has $34.4 trillion worth of natural resources - notably oil. Buuutt some countries has had enough, except, America, Denmark and The Old Guard countries (of The Grand Lodge of Antient Free and Accepted Masons.) My H-S told me nothing about whats going on in D.U.M.B.s - perhaps that's still highly classified?... | 

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