Aug 11, 2023

πŸ‘ΎπŸ‘½⚔️ (7-ft 'aliens' or illegal goldminers dressed as aliens attacked Peruvian tribe?) Aliens attack Peru village! 7ft creatures seen floating in mid-air | Redacted with Clayton Morris ~ Aug 11, 2023 ~ |

Fear-stricken residents of a rural area in Alto Nanay, situated northeast of Lima, Peru, assert that they are currently facing an onslaught from armored extraterrestrial entities standing at a towering 7 feet. These beings uncannily resemble the Green Goblin character from Spider-Man, and local reports detail their distinctive features, including sizable heads and yellow-hued eyes. Since July 11th, these otherworldly creatures have allegedly been conducting nightly assaults on the village. One particularly distressing occurrence narrates the experience of a 15-year-old girl who was supposedly seized from behind and subjected to a neck injury when she resisted. As a result of these continuous threats, community inhabitants find themselves gripped by trepidation, robbed of peaceful sleep. Filmmaker and journalist Timothy Alberino joins us to break down the details of this story.

Timothy Alberino and Doug Thornton do a deep dive into the alleged attack on a village in the Peruvian Amazon by extraterrestrial beings. Alberino relates the legend of the pelacaras (face peelers) and discusses the correlations between the Peru alien incident, the Las Vegas alien incident, and Phil Scheider’s encounter with large grey aliens while employed in the construction of a deep underground military base (DUMB) in Dulce, New Mexico. Alberino also discusses the high strangeness and heightened UFO activity in the Peruvian Amazon.

A viral video of what appeared to be aliens attacking Peruvian villagers has been debunked. Ben Hansen, host of "UFO Witness" on Discovery+, weighs in on "Banfield." Watch #Banfield:

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