Jun 10, 2023

πŸŒŒπŸ’«✨ ('24 hours of increased amount of incoming Cosmic Radiation.') Alicia: Energy Update June 10, 2023 ~ |

By Alicia (Carta Astral 222)

Dear family, for 24 hours we have been under the effect of an increased amount of incoming Cosmic Radiation (remember that it is already constant, there are only occasions when it is stronger or is a higher frequency and you feel more).

I chose this image because while I was sleeping I saw a tree on a mountain top and heard a voice saying to me, “Like the tree that stands firm, without being bent by what happens around it, it keeps growing to the heights letting everything be put in order.” Then I watched Light begin to descend through the tree and it would light up all the way to the roots.

You may be feeling a lot of activity in the Crown Chakra and different sensations in the brain (tingling, pressure, burning, pain, I personally feel it as “fire” because it’s not exactly burning), a stronger heart beat that is not like the reaction caused by Geomagnetic Storms (palpitations, accelerated heartbeat, double heart beat), is just a stronger heartbeat or with more resonance.

Partial chills, or “goosebumps” on the thighs and arms are also a very common sensation, as is physical fatigue as if you’d had worked out a lot.

You may feel hungrier than usual, sweating on the soles of the feet and palms, difficulty focusing sight and strange movements in one of the two eyelids, such as getting stuck, glued or with a slower movement (regularly happens in the right eyelid, but some can experience it on the left), buzzing, tones or static energy in the ears and a greater need to stretch the muscles of the body.

Also, it’s normal to hear someone say your name even though no one has, to see shadows or lights in peripheral vision, color orbits and flashes of white light. ✨✨

I don’t know if this is just a personal experience this time, or if some of you are also feeling this way, but when I woke up, I “knew” that I had to be still, physically, mentally and emotionally still, doing nothing, thinking nothing and feeling nothing… “empty” and silent as not to interfere.

After we receive waves of Cosmic Radiation or Cosmic Rays (they are different frequencies), the solar activity increases and just now as I write this I got the notification of a so-called M-Class in progress and if my intuition doesn’t fail me at least there will be two more in the next few 48 hours.

Another interesting fact I wanted to share is that on May 19 there was an explosion (relatively strong in terms of its activity) in the PopocatΓ©petl volcano in Mexico, which was recorded exactly at 4:44 am local time. A couple of days ago (June 7) the Kilauea in Hawaii erupted at 4:44 am local time, and last May 22 the Etna volcano in Sicily also started to have more activity (I could not find the exact time).

Everything is connected and everything serves a greater purpose.

From my perspective, these are only signs that everything that exists in Gaia is going through an expansion process, not the augury of future disasters.

If you feel physically very uncomfortable, water is always a good option as doing land (walk barefoot on earth) or be in contact with trees and plants to discharge the excess energy in the electromagnetic field

(I do not, I prefer to breathe and integrate as much as you can because discomfort is always fleeting) and also be in constant contact with quartz (whichever works and the bigger the better).

It’s okay, this too shall pass.


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