May 20, 2023

🎴🔮💖 (Janine stands with Charlie Ward and dislike Simon Parkes?) Earth Alliance stepping back and takes all truthers with them? Or Truthers are asked to step back like Phil Godlewski 2.0? Simon Parkes? Beyond The News w/ Jean-Claude & Janine LIVE? Dr. Charlie Ward a clone, rounded up stepping back due to Nazis comments or due to illness? Janine with Ankle Monitor? What abt Benjamin Fulford? Fake Bilderberg meeting? Army in Mexico processing baddies, going to GITMO? ~ May 20, 2023 ~ |


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Editor's Note: Nobody has asked me to step down - lol - I'm not that important I know I know... Why do I say that Janine are not fond of Simon? She had said sooo many times now. She and JeanClaude with the team behind, do not like Simon. Due to some issues & controversies abt General Flynn and other stuff Janine was very upset about. Charlie Ward the other hand, Janine loves him apparently. Like Michael Jaco, PatriotStreetfighter etc. And she says Charlie was asked to step up and do what he is doing, regardless, it's a (truther) business for him. Just remember, Tarot By Janie is a (truther) business aswell. She has 20.000 plus paying followers each month. Charlie used to be among and around all the baddies and pedophiles, not anymore, Janine says. P.S. I know from my DK friend who has personally asked and had chats with Michelle Fielding -Spiritual Coach. Michelle says; Charlie had lied to her and stealing some of the intel and had cheated her out of some money etc. I have no idea if it's true or not. Sooo much spiritual ego and infights in the truther community .. |

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