Apr 19, 2023

👼 ~ 💗 ('New beginnings & sudden shifts in energy. Eclipses potently-charged cosmic events enhance change & evolution.') Meg Benedicte: Just Hours Till Eclipse Gateway Activations 💕 ~ Apr 19, 2023 ~ |

Editors Note: "It is a common theme that comes up in the Ascension process…not feeling seen, heard or acknowledged. Feeling invisible!"... Thank you Meg, just what I feel sometimes - the only person, fighting the fight! Like, Tom Cruise, in "Vanilla Sky" alone and empty Times Square scene. Or like, Elvis Presley, in which he said, "I feel lonely, even in a crowded room."...| 

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In just hours we enter the Eclipse portal! The first Solar Eclipse of 2023 arrives April 20 at 29°52' Aries. The Eclipse Gateway will be active for two weeks, culminating in the Wesak Lunar Eclipse at 14°52’ Scorpio on May 5. These are potent days for new beginnings and sudden shifts in energy. Eclipses are potently-charged cosmic events that enhance change and evolution.

An Eclipse requires that there be either a New Moon (Solar Eclipse), or a Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse), near one of the Nodes.The Lunar Nodes are the two points formed by the Moon's orbit around the Earth intersecting with Earth’s path around the Sun. The direction of the nodes is counterclockwise, always 180 degrees apart. The North Node (ascending North Pole) represents where you are heading, your destiny and fate. The South Node (descending South Pole) represents where you were, your history, karma and dharma.

In 2023, the lunar nodes split their time between two pairs of signs. The Solar Eclipses in 2023 will be the final eclipses for some years in the signs Taurus and Scorpio. The Lunar Eclipses this year will fall on the Aries and Libra Nodal Axis for 18 months. This year’s nodal influence may feel like you are completing the death transfiguration (Scorpio) at the same time birthing a new you (Aries).

The Hybrid Solar Eclipse on April 20 in fiery Aries North Node highlights independence, self-awareness, courage, self-trust, self-nurturance. The Aries New Moon Eclipse is helping you let go of seeing oneself through others’ eyes, unhealthy co-dependency, people pleasing, obsessive attachment to fairness. The Aries Solar Eclipse initiates the journey of self-discovery, gaining self-knowledge, and developing a stronger sense of authentic identity.

It is a common theme that comes up in the Ascension process…not feeling seen, heard or acknowledged. Feeling invisible! The Solar Eclipse in North Node Aries paves the path of self-actualization. It is time to not only become visible, but to make an impact in the world. Let the bright, fiery Aries Solar Eclipse shine your Light for all to see. Beam your light essence all around!

Lovingly, Meg

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