Sep 15, 2022

💡 (Miscellaneous SoTW) Prince Christian's Satan-Sign. King-Charles head of the Committee of 300. Lady Gabriella Windsor & Guard faints at Queen's coffin. Cabal-Catch Out 'Coronation Street'. Kandahar-GIANT. Nazi Lord Voldemort Car-Crash. Scientists found Covid-19 Vax 98 times worse than the Virus. Coded Trump messages ~ 15. September 2022 ~ |

Editor's Note: OMG! FINALLY! The Danish mass media are talking about Prince Christian of Denmark that makes a secret symbol. SoTW could claim that the prince hand signaling is basically "acceptance of violence" (Herlufsholm School and other elite schools like in Sweden) is called "The Circle Game or ballgazing" etc. etc.. The tabloid newspaper B.T. goes a step further and says Prince Christian, could signal "symbol of Satan." Similarly, the sign has been linked to QAnon conspiracists believe in a vast pedophile ring. The royal reporter quickly repeat that he do not think, Prince Christian, supports the Qanon theory or January 6 United States Capitol attack... Btw, look at Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, coming King of the most powerful Royal House in the world,  stupid thick glasses - a stunt - a joke?... |


Zelensky guard appears to wear Nazi insignia — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Rebel Moon Podcast : When Charles becomes King, he will take over as head of the Committee of 300... The Architects of the New World Order Government.


Paul Joseph Watson

"Deep in the mountains of Afghanistan lies a creature so hideous even the United States Military fear entering this region. According to eyewitness accounts the beast stands over eight feet tall, and is covered in fiery red hair. This is the story of the Kandahar giant."


"In a recent quote, Mr. T. included the phrase, "the majesty of the United States is gone."  The Universe was asked if this was a coded message regarding the U.S now being free from the royal family's shackles...are we free to openly pursue being a restored Constitutional Republic, and what else would the Universe like us to know? Published 09/14/2022"

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