Jun 15, 2022

🖤🦢🤍 ~ (It’s the Storm of the Century. Buckle Up, Buttercups) Pope Francis: “World War III has been declared'. Xi Jinping allows PLA to take 'special military operations' abroad. 'Dark Winter' in Cryptoland. Stocks, Bonds, Oil & Gas Dump; Dollar & VIX Jump Ahead Of Fed (SoTW) ~ | Blogger:... OKAY... 🦢HERE IS WHAT WE KNOW🖤... Stock Market Crash & Digi-Coin Portfolio: A Worldwide Market Collapse has begun picking up speed as hundreds of billions were being pulled from U.S, EU, Asia and Markets worldwide. The cryptocurrency world is experiencing what can only be described as a meltdown, with prices plummeting today to lows not seen since the end of 2020. The world’s richest people have lost a combined $1.4 trillion this year, Bloomberg has calculated and the globe’s most wealthy became poorer by $206 billion on Monday alone... 🦢 AND THERE'S MORE🖤... Russian military moving into Nicaragua targeting US Funded BSL-3 Veterinary Biolab.. Chinese President's decree on "special military operation" in Taiwan - threats to USA.. On Tues. 7 June 2022 Biden declared a state of emergency in the US due to threat of a shortage of power generation capacity for consumers and disruptions in energy markets... 🦢 Russo-Ukrainian War🖤... Denmark with other NATO countries pledges more heavy weapons for Ukraine after NATO's head, KGB-agent, "Steklov", Dutch PM, "Teflon Mark" and Danish PM "Black Swan", Mette F. in a meeting in The Hague, Netherlands, June 14, 2022. BUUUTTT, the good thing is, Sweden and Finland, which have applied to join NATO, WILL NOT succeed and Bilderberger, Stoltenberg, WILL NOT be formally invited to the June 29-30 summit in Madrid, due to Turkish objections... Remember, Stoltenberg, has both Corona and diagnosed with shingles, which means, he's perhaps already at GITMO, or "Holding Facility"... AAAND, I know, that Dinar-Chronicles (DC) are saying this many, many times, there's a "special Operation" going on - now - it's up to 32 countries involved, special forces from Denmark.. 🖤🦢🤍 Btw, "DC" is something that Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes, follows every single day, but because of the "special content", not many believes in it... |

You know the slogans or catchphrases like; "We are the Storm". "End Times Madness". "The Fall Of The Cabal". "Event End Game: Black Swan"... ~ SoTW

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World’s largest Military Sting Operation in Progress for Over 32 Major Countries.

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