Oct 5, 2021

⚰️🚙💨 ~ (1.000.000 to 1 odds) Mission impossible freak accident: Sweden & SAPO's most protected man Lars Vilks and 2 agents dies in flames after colliding with an oncoming truck in a 4,5 tons heavy armored SUVs with bulletproof tires. What are the odds❓ (SOTW) ~ | Blogger: [🤜It is an arch-Zionist mole’s world, make no mistake about it - they are able to do the impossible - False flags is a real concept and NATO / CIA / Mossad / MI6 is mastery skilled and have all the tools in the bluebook🤛] ... NOT only did the driver turned directly and through a metal road barrier, which is almost impossible, but into the path of the truck and both vehicles burst into flames. What are the odds of that❓... How can a civilian tactical SUV blow up like that❓And how is it that, NOBODY survived❓ Was Mr. Vilks about to spill the beans about False Flags or was he involved in some heavy Cabal-shit❓ Olof Palme styled assimilation-liquidation attack conducted by CIA or Princess Diana car crash lookalike❓... The day before the terror in Stockholm in 2017, it was at Veterans Today mentioned that something was going on in Scandinavia. So again, many have investigated whether we are facing true terror or a "Black Operation"❓... We KNOW that Norway terror attacks a False Flag - that's the Fact, Jack - more than one shooter on Island; Oslo police drilled bomb blasts; was it NATO’s revenge for Norway’s decision to stop bombing Libya❓... Of course it could be a White Hat move - who knows... |

‘No indication of criminal intent’ (yeah right)


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