Aug 30, 2021

👨‍💼📜✒️ ~ (BREAKING: 'TRUST THE PLAN' NEWS) Robert David Steele is not dead and I repeat, is NOT dead... according to verdensalt sources anyway... Keep the Faith, Never give up and Never surrender... (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [🤜Before we all; "Jump The Gun Boot on the start line Pistol in the air 'Quila in the glass and a dead set stare" ~ Halestorm🤛] ... Whether you trust the 'Plan' or the 'Man', VT Today, Project Camelot, and looots of tweets, chat-bots in Telegram, crawlers in search engines and troll's, says, he is dead, at the age of 69 due to Covid-19 (buuuulllsshit)... Instead of "Drinking the Kool-Aid", getting depressed, angry and concerned, first of all, the news is yet to be confirmed by his family... What is more important, “giving-up-mindset” cannot empower you - why don't we give it a try, it's easier to keep your spirits bright when life is going along smoothly and good news seems to turn up at every turn... Yes, Mr. Steele, like so many others, got threatened and harassed, especially recent death threats and according to my source at SoTW; 📑President Trump, and the White Hats, took him to a safe place, because, we're soooo close to the end of the "movie" or "show" and therefore, a 'necessary move'.📑. Furthermore, another source of SoTW, used tarot card on Mr. Steele yesterday evening, and has also confirmed, Mr. Steele is not dead... Of Course these are not solid intel, for more confirmations wait for let's say; Simon Parkes, Dr. Charlie Ward, Mel K, Patriot Streetfighter, Negative48, Tom Numbers, Carrie Fischer, Nino Rodriguez, Tarot by Janine and "And We Know" etc... 📚PS: Check out Mr. Steele's empty bookshelf and all his stuff is gone in the tweet (Mr. Confused - Going Somewhere?)... |



"A 39-year veteran of the USMC and the CIA has sadly passed away. American politician, Robert David Steele’s cause of death, is not to be announced yet; however, it is reported that he was admitted to the hospital on August 16 and was reportedly diagnosed with Covid." ~ EDWARD Foundation +

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