Jul 14, 2020

πŸ”΄ ~ πŸ’— Alex Collier 110th Webinar - July 10, 2020 πŸ’•~ | Blogger: [πŸ‘‰Hosted by James Harkin from AlexCollier.org and JayPee from WolfSpirit.tvπŸ‘ˆ] ... TOPICS: Alex Collier discusses many topics in this webinar including: Where Are We At? RH Negative Lineage, Rising Frequencies, and Much More!...🎬PS: Alex is starting out claiming that, the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation (RV / GCR) has taken place as we speak. Iraq were the 1st of many, to startup and of course LOTS of resistance and Alex is then questioning everything about COVID and why people has to be tested, to see if they have the Virus, when it's so DEADLY?... Aaaaand much more about the current FIAT-debt-system vs. asset-backed-gold-system etc. etc... |

To watch the video please click play on the video below. The video-on-demand page will open and you can watch a 2-minute trailer. You can then select whether you would like to RENT or BUY the webinar.


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