February 21, 2020

📶 ~ Simon Parkes: Huawei & UK 5G ~ | Blogger: [🎢Founded in 1583, Bakken, or Dyrehavsbakken - The World's Oldest Amusement Park. Now With 5G👎] ... Like UK, Denmark got it's own problems... Denmark's TDC shuns China's Huawei for 5G rollout, but has chosen Swedish firm Ericsson, instead... The city Helsingør, is now the first major 5G hub outside city of Copenhagen and most likely expanding to the suburbs of the capital of Denmark... 5G is expected to be introduced initially in the 3.5 GHz band, for which equipment and frequencies will be available from 2020, and later in the 26 GHz band. It has also been decided that an auction of the 700 MHz frequency band will be held in Denmark, and that the frequencies may be used from April 2020... |

Source (Simon Parkes Official) 
The British Prime Minister is being badly advised.
Today yet another top delegation will speak to senior government figures warning about letting Chinese tech companies install the 5G networks.
The difference this time is the following;
1) No Five Eyes info sharing if Britain persists with Chinese deal
2) No real trade deal between US and Britain unless Britain backs out from China.
Finally as the previous discussion never imprinted on the British PM this time it’s going to be blunt and dare I say it - Brutal.

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