January 29, 2020

☢️ ~ Coronavirus Epidemic ~ | Blogger: [🤜HEALTH AUTHORITIES: 132 people and infected more than 6,000. RUMORS: A woman claims that Chinese doctors have estimated about 100,000 infected. OTHER RUMORS: Millions infected, hundreds of thousands dead. 65 million in quarantine. MEDICAL STUDY OF VIRUS OUTBREAK: 83% Infection Rate, 15% Mortality (DEATH)🤛] ... ...☝️ WHAT WE KNOW FOR A FACT: China’s censorship apparatus, dubbed the Great Firewall, and a army of censors thought to be in the millions, block all mentions of the Coronavirus outbreak and or any EVENT. Back in 2003 and the SARS outbreak, The People’s Republic, had in an effort to hide the truth from its citizens, a common practice used to keep up morale, discouraged the nation’s press from reporting on the SARS outbreak, and even hid reports from the World Health Organization... 🤔What really worries me on SoTW or think is strange is, that the so-called 'Global Policeman' America First (policy) & the most powerful man, POTUS, is (still) as a mouse🐭 NOTHING about Coronavirus.. Instead, he's (seems) in CAHOOTS with Benjamin Netanyahu, basically dictating the terms of Palestinian surrender to the high-tech manufacturing industry - which produces cutting-edge technology products from quantum computers to military artificial intelligence and know-how (whatever). Basically, establishing a new Balfour Declaration🥺. AND then, Trump, call it PEACE (deal of the century). In other words, Trump, so it seems, has now given Israel what they want, how to capitalize Palestine by forcing a brand new high-tech manufacturing complex, (South of Gaza, in the Negev desert) to give Israel & other Arab countries massive POWER, besides U.S. Silicon Valley and of course, like the Balfour Declaration that was issued on November 2, 1917- that turned the Zionist aim of establishing a Jewish state in Palestine into a REALITY... AND, Benjamin Fulford could be right as rain, when he posted his latest report before Trump announcement, when he said: "U.S. Corporate president Donald Trump is about to announce an arrogant Israeli peace plan that is already dead on arrival"?... 😢Sorry, no more tears (Enough Is Enough)😨... Back to the VIRUS: British Airways & United Airlines cancels flights to and from China and more will come, totally ISOLATING China. You might think, 'that's a good thing! It's out of our hands, and honestly, Westerners don't care about countries like Africans or Chinese people, anyway!?'... But the problem is, besides the obvious that people are dying in China and nobody cares, with China in isolation from a bankers perspektive, leaves not only Asian stocks in decay by the virus fears, it will eventually also hit US and European markets (even if CNN is lying about stock markets are in recovering)... 🦠Perhaps it was meant to be by 'design'; that Coronavirus fallout could shock the global economy into recession and make the medical-industrial complex rich on Medical Masks N95 and Australia in helping global vaccine push?. Australia is also to quarantine coronavirus evacuees on Christmas Island... you be the judge.. Expect the Unexpected... Mother GAIA needs so much Healing and Peace, right now🙏... |

I’m getting really worrying news from the financial markets.... 
If China were to becomes a 'sealed up country' against virus spread it would collapse as a world economy.
Hong Kong would be next to follow.
This outlook has started to effect global money markets.

Question - if there are only 1,250 cases of the virus in China why are 350,000 yes three hundred and fifty thousand!!! China nurses and doctors being rushed to the outbreak area?
Why are trees and earth and rubble being dumped across roads to block transport?

And why are the two emergency field hospitals being built?
What ever the virility of this virus - The Chinese authorities are lying about number who are sick.

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