Sep 12, 2019

📉 ~ Economist: If Trump Keeps Escalating Trade War, We Will Have A Recession (The Last Word MSNBC) ~ | Blogger: [🕳️THE GLOBAL DEBT BOMB. THE GREAT PRECIOUS METALS MELTUP. WHERE WE HEADED? WHAT IS TRUMP’S POTENTIAL RECESSION PLAYBOOK?💸] ... {No-deal Brexit chaos calls on Yellowhammer. Higher risk of recession in Germany 'IMK institute'. Europe eyes economic stimulus, Trump calls for "Boneheads" and says why not US?} ... 🚩Why are central banks buying gold and dumping dollars?... 🚩Can we expect a new housing bubble, a real estate housing market crash in USA, affect EU?... 🚩What do oil, gold and the Petrodollar have in common? At its root, a currency (same with emotional based buying / selling stocks) has power because people believe it does. As belief in and fealty to the dollar continue to erode, we can expect the U.S. to fight, brutally when deemed necessary, to maintain the status quo that made it an empire... 🚩Sept 12, ECB expected fresh economic stimulus measures & interest rates cut, if they don't, what then?.. 🚩Trump keeps escalating trade war, tweets about rescission and wants the Fed to boost the economy by slashing interest rates, and if FED don't, what then?... 🚩China's commando-economy trend, leaving US behind 1st day of problems, and with no alternative to China, US soybean farmers face high stocks, low prices and possible bankruptcy!... 🚩Yellow metal breaches psychological mark above $1,500 & last week, Silver prices surged 15%... 🚩 As tension between the US and China spill over to currency markets, Swiss and Japanese policymakers (Japan is in a world of pain) are coming under increasing pressure...🚩Danmarks Nationalbank (central bank of the Kingdom of Denmark), with Danish krone, that has one of the most stable currencies, against the euro, rejects bailout to banks because of low earnings due to negative interest rate mortgage – 1st country in the world, handing out loans to homeowners where the charge is minus 0.5% a year. However, low inflation in Denmark, gives consumers more money to spend, but for how long?... 🚩Germany sold for $1 billion 30-year bonds at a negative yield for the first time, in another sign of how investors’ desperation for safe assets is inflating their value... 🚩Is Russia and India's plans to drop the Petrodollar, an indirect move to target China's economy and could be same reason as Trumps, because China, has become, unstoppable worldly dominator?... 🚩How come Trump's daily tweets are able to influence and move wordly stock markets, but nobody is talking about the New Financial System via a Global Gold Treaty, QFS, NESARA & GESARA?... |

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