Nov 13, 2023

🚕💨🛩️ (SM-2032: Where in the world is David Wilcock? And his hovercars?) I'd got the consent for sharing this: Well, David is back (I guess) and surprisingly to SoTW his hovercar project might be real after Viren K. - Director of Business Development from Stavatti (Next Generation Military & Civil Aircraft) contacted my DK-friend the other day ~ Nov 13, 2023 ~ |

FREE GUY:  In 2022, David, announced that he was in a race with at least 5 other companies to build the first Hovercar with the declassified patent release from the government, ready in 2025. Mr. Viren knows, Mr. Wilcock, so he claims. They need $10 -50 million in startup capital. Anybody? The problems as SoTW sees it is, there's no Proof of Concept (POC) and a fully functional model of the hovercar, as of yet. Only the flying car, “Model A,” that has became the first "first electric flying car" to get certified in the US. And, therein lies the problem; "electric" car. If David and Viren K. is seriously about building the first Anti-Gravity Hover Car (based on free energy and FIAT money) it will not work, because, "Ashkenazi Kabbalah banking" industry (financial oligarchy) will stop it... | 




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