Oct 27, 2020

✨ ~ πŸ’“ (DNA Copy of 'You') Canada NWO plans, UK retaining DNA, Vietnam flood, priests charged, toxic deodorants & its solutions (3D to 5D Consciousness) πŸ’• ~ | Blogger: [πŸ‘‰"Canada: NWO Agenda was originally a 16-years plan rollout with Hillary Clinton as President - now condensed to less than a year - that is why there's a MAD RUSH to get the vaccines ready and implement it! The Quebec City Medicago has teamed up with UK GlaxoSmithKline ~ Nyla NguyenπŸ‘ˆ] ... IN EU, AstraZeneca, is leading with purchase of 300 million doses, on behalf of the EU countries with an option to purchase an additional 100 million doses and that includes, Denmark... WAUV! Something SoTW has said for the loongest time - when you are being tested for The "GHOST-VIRUS" (useless DNA not RNA) RT-PCR tests and Inoculation from the nose and throat, they actually gets your DNA Genetic Print... Nyla Nguyen goes much further by saying, that this DNA-hacking, is to create a COPY of you and your reincarnation "timelines and bloodlines" - I.e. compiling your DNA, fingerprint, Facial recognition, social media profile etc. etc. to make sure, they are able to STOP you as a lightworker to spread the light on Mother GAIA in this and next lifetimes (if you believe in that stuff)... πŸ‘ΌPS: There's a LIGHT FORCES TRANSMISSION (Galactic Federation) Narrated by Melanie at 29 minute marker -- and Nyla Nguyen says it's a FAKE transmission ("Michael Love"?)... Always use your own Spiritual Discernment... |

In this broadcast, I’m giving the update on the Fake Trudeau’s plans with quarantine centres, we see the bigger picture behind this nefarious government plans. UK is also implementing their own NWO agenda with the scam virus testing. Vietnam’s population is being purged, Vatican priests are finally be criminally charged for their sexual assaults and I’m exposing toxins in deodorants and providing alternatives to smelling great and sweating less.


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